Photographs of Curetes Street, Ephesus

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The Street of Curetes A mosaic pavement The Street of Curetes A mosaic pavement

Curetes Street runs from the Government sector of the town, down the hill to the Celsus Library. It was paved with marble and had colonnades on each side. Two marble columns with reliefs of Heracles guard the upper gate and the entrance to the Government sector. Some of the marble slabs on the street are striated to stop slipping in the rain and others are worn from the carts running up and down the road.
At the bottom of the street on the left side opposite the temple of Hadrian is a beautiful mosiac pavement behind the pillars in front of what must have been a small arcade of shops. I image it must have been very like the Burlington Arcade in London.

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The entrance to the government sector The Street of Curetes


The Great Theatre

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