Photographs of the Tosho-Gu Shrine

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The next courtyard contains the store rooms, the water font and the stables. The stables are covered with carvings of monkeys and include the image of the three wise monkeys.
Next was the place for washing hands (and rinsing the mouth according to the guide). We all did as we were told and moved on to admire some of the multitude of stone lanterns spread around the courtyard. Apparently they were all gifts from the various landlords to the Shogun and have therefore been collected together at his shrine.
Then through a second Torii gate (smaller this time) and up more steps to the Yomei-mon Gate and the walls of the inner shrine.

The Yomei-mon Gate

Outside the Omote-mon Gate

The stables

The wash house

The Hall of Worship

The Three Wise Monkeys

Torii gate