Photographs of the Fukagawa Edo Museum

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Although small compared with the Tokyo Edo Museum, this was my favourite.

The setting is the early 19th century, Tokyo is the isolated city of Edo and you are in the riverside district, Fukugawa, buying a bag of rice, a couple of carrots and a pound of raw fish.

The showpiece of the Fukugawa Edo Museum is a life-sized reconstruction of a small part of the city. In keeping with methods and techniques of the day, eleven buildings have been faithfully reconstructed out of wood. There's also a canal complete with traditional boat.

To add to the atmosphere, the lighting keeps changing and various sound effects ring through the air. The only thing that's not quite right, is that it all seems a little too clean!

There are some typical houses and shops and warehouses. You are free to wander in and out.

A boat in the canal at dusk

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The inside of the household goods shop

Kimonos hanging out to dry